NIH-Wide Initiative on Down Syndrome

With the strong support of Congress, NIH announced a new initiative devoted to Down syndrome: the INCLUDE ProjectExternal Web Site Policy (INvestigation of Co-occurring conditions across the Lifespan to Understand Down syndromE; Web Site Policy). Details of the INCLUDE Project  Research PlanExternal Web Site Policy are also available on the website. Dr. Larry Tabak (NIH Deputy Director), Dr. Bianchi, and NHLBI Director Gary Gibbons are co-chairing this important effort.  It is a project involving 18 institutes and centers at NIH and is designed to focus on 3 aspects of Down syndrome research over the next several years:

Conduct targeted, high-risk, high-reward basic science studies on chromosome 21.

  1. Assemble a large study population of individuals with Down syndrome.
  2. Include individuals with Down syndrome in existing clinical trials and develop new clinical trials in the future for co-occurring conditions in Down syndrome.

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